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Recovering and Thriving From a Night of Lost Sleep

Sometimes even the thought of recovering from a night with no or poor sleep seems stressful. And, in combination with the daylight savings change in March which in effect translates into: spring forward - lose an hour, the prospect of thriving seems far from possible.
But wait...

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Feeling Stuck?!?! High Frequency Inspires Living In Wonder

Recently I have been reflecting on what causes people to feel "stuck". I see "stuckness" occur most often in three categories: health, work, relationships and at times life itself feels "stuck". If you are familiar with Human Design types, I see this condition most often with generators and manifesting generators.

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February 01, 2017


Posted in Affirmation, Change, Declaration, Desires, Frequency

A High Frequency Declaration of Our Desires

One of the most crucial aspects of affecting change and transformation requires first identifying our desires. Remember, this year 2017, we set up our path for this new nine year cycle, 2017 being a "one" year. As the global sentiment of uncertainty pervades our current environment, to me, this subject feels important for these current times.

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Ready for Change and New Beginnings in 2017? Here's how!


The deepest inner satisfaction comes from inner transformations, we, ourselves, initiate. Another way of saying: "You alone arise from within you." Thus, if we ask the world to change, so we can feel better, we create a state of dependency on something, or someone, outside ourselves to initiate the change that will make us finally happy.

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3 Quick Frequency Recovery Tips!

The holidays are again here and while exciting and fun, they often cause occasional overwhelm and stress. The other day, as I was helping my client, I realized how helpful knowing two or three simple, easy techniques to maintain and recover high frequency, during the holidays, could be for us all.

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Meltdowns, Are They Only for Children?

Meltdowns occur in ALL people of ALL ages. A stress of any sort enters the organism (you and I) or system which does not have the energy available to address the stress. Recently, I have been studying more about the biochemical processes of the body.

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You Are Enough!

If every person on this planet embraced the wisdom "You are enough", we would thrive as a human race and most definitely live in peace. We would eliminate the "master/slave" mentality on planet Earth.
As humans, we have all experienced at one time or another the feeling of not being good enough.

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