Mental Meditation Guide

Life in this informational age places ever increasing demands on our time and on our minds from increasing work and family demands to increased online social demands. Taking a few minutes out of our day to tune in, and give back to ourselves and our mental health gives back mountains in mental gains! Research shows that mental meditation can:

increases mental strength, increases focus and concentration, improves memory both retention and recall, improves cognitive skills, increases creativity, improves problem solving, improves decision making, increases whole brain functioning, improves information processing, helps ADHD, helps decrease mental distractions

A Guide to Mental Meditation

Change your leg position to any comfortable position. Feel your feet and buttocks ground into the heart of the earth, if you have one, use a grounding mat. Bring your awareness back to your breath. Set a timer for 2 minutes.

Remember a value that is meaningful to you like love, peace, compassion, God, Om, joy, etc. Begin to repeat that word in your mind over and over at any rhythm that feels comfortable to you. If you find your mind slipping away into another thought, simply bring it back to your chosen word. Bring your mind back again and again if necessary.

No judgment, remember you are retraining the awareness to focus as per your conscious choice rather than remaining at the whim of your ever voracious thoughts!

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