Higher Consciousness and Happiness: How They Connect

We all aspire to realize happiness in our life. We pursue it in our relationships, our careers, our pastimes, and even our thoughts. That said, what if happiness was something we choose instead of chase? What does that mean?  

It means the difference between hope and control for our happiness.   

How then do we make that choice?

Here lies the importance of high consciousness development.

Developing awareness of our inner wishes, thoughts, and feelings grows our consciousness. This awareness gives us a deep understanding of our true self.  With high consciousness, we see life as a beautiful creative dance between our higher consciousness and our ego or "I-Sense". These two elements together represent our true self. We control the dance!  

Raising consciousness moves us straight into the center of joy and happiness within by our own choice. We celebrate our very own selves and our lives. Even our tough times seen from higher consciousness become events worth celebrating!  

Expressing gratitude for our true self causes an inner happiness, a joy grown from choice! We no longer need to hope for happiness, we create it for ourselves.   

Would you rather hope for or choose happiness in your life? 

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Lisa Ferraro
Lisa Ferraro

October 29, 2017

Thank you for reading and following up! I appreciate your thoughts about hope. It is so true that we are creators in our lives. Starting with desire and then focusing on our emotional state to resonate with this wish puts us in the driver seat. If we are not vigilant, hope can put us into the victim mindset, “hoping” everything works out in our favor. Better to take conscious action and remember our power as Infinite creator forces currently expressing in a human life.

Idi ze 1st
Idi ze 1st

November 16, 2016

This is a inner self revolution for those who used to hope for happiness now can choose to be happy through self confrotation n awareness of self being, more like overstanding yourself above all first rather than understanding.
Hope exists for sure but not necessaryly to cause happiness, since one can be hoping for full joyment or happiness when alive while he still lives. Definetly man creats death before burial ceremony ( alive outside, dead inside) as a result of hoping hoping and hoping for the things we eventually have power over. I say we take control over them things we son of MAN….

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