Climbing Up After Being Knocked Down

We have all faced times in life where we fell down or were even knocked down by life’s circumstances. Take heart. These times support us more than seems apparent on the surface. We grow; we dig deep within, deeper than ever before. This causes our boundaries to expand; boundaries of what we can manage and not feel overwhelmed. Which, in turn strengthens our nervous system, our health. Challenge is truly a Divine gift.

I know this might seem lofty when laying on your back simply trying to manage crushing pain whether mental, emotional, or physical. I have been there, feeling like my heart was broken or that life took my breath away. We all have truthfully. Stay with me. I will ground back down in practical ways to move forward.
Such times often cause our frequency level to dramatically drop which contributes to the struggle. Frequency is a great way to start the return journey; return to vibrancy, health, standing strong.

Here is a step by step path forward that I have used. Remember it is not required to implement all steps at once. Introduce one item, practice until it stabilizes you and you feel ready for the next step. This can take hours, days, weeks, months. Take the time you need!

 📌 Play high frequency tones continuously in your home. Choose high frequency tones that feel good to you and play on loop day and night. This is easy, requires virtually no effort and makes a profound difference. When we are in a low place, even the tiniest effort feels overwhelming. This supports us during these moments.

 📌 Support yourself nutritionally. Eat enough food, enough calories! If possible, choose fresh foods and cook for yourself. If not, find healthy restaurants to support you during this time. Remember, if you need, use home delivery! Choose a variety of foods to cover your macro and micro needs. Remember to choose foods you enjoy! This raises your dopamine which increases your hope and anticipation for more.

 📌 Spend time outdoors if possible, getting sunlight and fresh air. Take a walk, swim, ride a bike or simply sunbathe! If not possible to go outdoors, buy a red light device and use for a few minutes daily.

 📌 Find a form of movement you enjoy: walking, dancing, swimming, biking, yoga, rebounding, gym classes, lifting weights, hiking, any activity that you can commit to regularly doing. The key to this step is consistency, not intensity.

 📌 Daily, search for three situations with evidence that life supported you. Write them in a journal and read just before sleeping. On the second day find three more (and so on). Add them to your journal. Just before sleep read ALL of the examples, the current day and all previous days. Fairly soon you will discover how much the flow of life supports you.

 📌 Daily, name three qualities about yourself that you appreciate, respect, or love. Write them in a journal and read just before sleeping. On the second day find three more (and so on). Add them to your journal. Just before sleep read ALL of the qualities you live about yourself, the current day and all previous days. Fairly soon you will discover your amazing uniqueness!

 📌 Repeat like a mantra as often as you can throughout the day:
This too shall pass. I am safe. I will prevail and thrive.”

 My hope is that these basic steps launch you back into the beautiful dance of life. From there, you can develop your own habits and routines that nourish you and enrich your life. Life ebbs and flows as times of private life, public life, inner life, outer life.

These alternating flows help generate times of private life so we replenish our energy and focus, to once again again return to a public life where we serve and offer our strong vital presence. May these cycles of life bless you and your Divine life!

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Lisa Ferraro
Lisa Ferraro

October 26, 2019

Hi Georgie! Thank you for asking!
I would love make some suggestions:

1) Nature sounds like birds, wind, trees, even NASA has recorded space! You can play them on loop.

2) Solfeggio Frequency Tones. This is my favorite by artist Susan Maule. You can find her on iTunes.
Dimensional Pathways by Susan Maule
She has some new frequency recordings as well: “Chasing the Moon” etc.

3) Any music that is recorded in 432hz. For example this one:
Universound: 432 Hz by Giorgio Costantini

4) Any of my frequency recordings even played on silent mode. They simply need to be playing and the frequency is released.
Let me know if you would like some more suggestions. Hugs.

Georgie Grossman
Georgie Grossman

October 26, 2019

Could you share some suggestions for high frequency sounds?

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