Guidelines For High Frequency Brain Health

Brain health ranks as one of the most important factors in a healthy, balanced life filled with joy and satisfaction. One distinction needs to be understood before discussing how to create a High Frequency brain. Mind is the awareness, conscious thoughts, conscience, part of ourselves. Brain is the physical organ that helps keep our body in balance and helps facilitate thought and mental exercises.

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Material science believes consciousness or mind arises out of brain or physical matter. Parapsychologists, metaphysical philosophy, and the survival and reincarnation literature suggests the opposite: consciousness transcends the brain and physical matter.

I agree that consciousness/mind transcends brain. That said, creating a vibrant, healthy, high frequency brain merits all efforts and attention, because the payoff is profound.

How do we create a healthy brain? What are the important factors to consider and include in a brain health protocol? I have experimented and used all of the methods I list below and more. In my opinion, this list represents the best and least expensive methods. Also, please refer back to my earlier blogs about mental health, raising frequency, physical health, etc. as these might give you even more ideas.
I broke the list into categories for ease of use:


šŸ“Œ COQ10 - Ubiquinol

šŸ“Œ Vit K2-MK4

šŸ“Œ For brain trauma - Progesterone

šŸ“Œ Coffee - also in the food category



šŸ“Œ Adequate protein: eggs, milk, keifer, cheese, beef, lamb, bison, chicken, turkey, white fish, seafood-shrimp, oysters, etc.

šŸ“Œ Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables

šŸ“Œ Adequate starch/sucrose: white jasmine rice, small red potatoes, Einkorn sourdough bread, honey, cane sugar, maple syrup

šŸ“Œ Coffee, milk, fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh homemade lemonade, clean water

šŸ“Œ Healthy fats: olive oil, coconut oil, butter, ghee, tallow


Movement - 3 to 5 times weekly

šŸ“Œ Walking, swimming, dancing, rebounding, yoga, bicycling, hiking, lifting weights, chi gung, tai chi

šŸ“Œ Inverted postures in yoga: headstand, shoulder-stand, viparita karani, legs up the wall pose, Utanasana - touch toes pose

šŸ“Œ Gentle breathing exercises - also in mindfulness category


Mindfulness - 3 to 5 times weekly

šŸ“Œ Gentle breathing exercises

šŸ“Œ Mindfulness practice

šŸ“Œ Meditation

šŸ“Œ Brain entrainment - my personal favorite is Sacred Acoustics

šŸ“Œ Contemplation

šŸ“Œ Playing a musical instrument

šŸ“Œ Writing, journaling

šŸ“Œ Gratitude exercises

šŸ“Œ Positivity

šŸ“Œ Chanting

As the brain is crucial for many physiological systems in our bodies, maintaining a health brain will bring you maximum longevity and benefits.
Please take the ideas that resonate with you and begin to switch your habits to support high frequency brain health!

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