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How Mind Body Symphony Nourishes High Frequency

Recent off the chart high stress and strain in my personal life spurred me to watch my mind body response. I was curious about what it actually required for me to remain, calm, clear headed, focused, action oriented, positive, and to maintain a genuine happy mood - not a fake forced self talk of "all is good" while my inner being is boiling with anger, fear, frustration that shot out sideways to my near and dear loved ones.

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Working on All Layers to Make Lasting Transformation

I love how my work, Self Synthesize! touches into all layers of a person: mind, energy, emotions, physical body. Approaching a problem from only one avenue limits our effectiveness for profound shifts and healing. Rather, come with a big tool kit; a plethora of ways to interact with the element we want to change.

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Physical Meditation Guide

Three thousand research projects to date have extolled the benefits of meditation! The science is in: meditation practiced on a consistent basis brings over 75 researched benefits, not to mention those not yet studied. Meditation in general creates an inner balance between the various parts of our humanity: mind, body, and soul.

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3 Biggest Wellness Tips from 2015

Just WoW. It is the end of 2015, the time for looking backwards and for looking forwards. Looking back to what we are grateful for during the past year. Looking forward to the new moves and new leaps we want to take in the coming year.

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The Impact of a Healthy Body

We can easily detect, see, or feel the signs of imbalance in our body. While we often hear about the importance of health for preserving the body, it is uncommon to also consider how an unhealthy body can negatively impact one's mind and soul.

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June 05, 2015


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Five Tips to Better Your Body Health!

Maintaining your physical health can be challenging, we all struggle to stay on track and take care of ourselves. We've put together a list of simple tips to keep you on track to maintaining your body's health.

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Rethinking Metabolism and Diet

I wanted to share my thoughts about how I am rethinking dietary concerns and metabolism. For the last couple of years I have played around with the Paleo diet and the very low carb diet focusing on fat and burning fat for fuel.

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