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Technique to Discover Your Passion

Make your dreams come true. Find your life’s purpose. Go where the wind takes you. Be your truest self. All of these things have something in common: passion. By uncovering your passion, the possibilities are endless in your pursuit of happiness. Follow the steps below as a guide for discovering your passion:

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    February 27, 2016


    Posted in Conciousness, Happiness, High Conciousness

    Higher Consciousness and Happiness: How They Connect

    We all aspire to realize happiness in our life. We pursue it in our relationships, our careers, our pastimes, and even our thoughts. That said, what if happiness was something we choose instead of chase? What does that mean?  

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    Expanded Consciousness Shift: 4 Levels of Consciousness

    Last October, I began participation in a fabulous one year Integral Facilitator Program certification training. One of my recent thought experiments involved a reflection on what qualities of a facilitator have opened up in my work. 

    This led me into a deep dive into consciousness and how high vibrational frequency interfaces with it. From there, I noticed how the process model, Perceive, Think, Act, of Ray Peat, works nicely in the interface of frequency and the 4 stages of consciousness. 

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    Frequency - Vibrational Alignment


    Living a high frequency life raises awareness, consciousness, and joy. When we learn to live in high frequency, our consciousness begins to grow and awaken.  We develop strong powers of awareness both of the world around us and of our own inner soul.

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