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When Saying "No" is a High Frequency Act

I remember about five years ago a research came out showing brain changes in children who repeatedly heard "no".

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How Mind Body Symphony Nourishes High Frequency

Recent off the chart high stress and strain in my personal life spurred me to watch my mind body response. I was curious about what it actually required for me to remain, calm, clear headed, focused, action oriented, positive, and to maintain a genuine happy mood - not a fake forced self talk of "all is good" while my inner being is boiling with anger, fear, frustration that shot out sideways to my near and dear loved ones.

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How To Navigate Our Love/Hate Relationship With Change

We do this over and over: crave change. Think about how many times in even one single month we desire the feeling of: new, exciting, different, out of the ordinary, hoping to break up the monotony. AND then in response and resonant with our desires, change actually shows up and begins shifting our lives and routines; how do we often respond?

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Subconscious Rumblings and Relationship Theory at Play!

Subconscious Rumblings:

One of the most fascinating things about Relationship Theory is that two people come together with each partner representing an amalgamation of the other's primary caregiver's worst traits in order for the two to begin a healing journey together... Isn't that simply a perfect set up?

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Frustration to Contentment in 90 Seconds!

Applying the 90 second rule to irritation and frustration!!

Some of you might remember when I've talked about in the past how they have tested in the laboratory that a pure emotion lasts only 90 seconds if we actually allow it to be experienced fully without judging it or trying to stop it… Sound familiar?

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