Self Synthesize!®

Working on All Layers to Make Lasting Transformation

I love how my work, Self Synthesize! touches into all layers of a person: mind, energy, emotions, physical body. Approaching a problem from only one avenue limits our effectiveness for profound shifts and healing. Rather, come with a big tool kit; a plethora of ways to interact with the element we want to change.

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6 Tips to Increase Your Home's Harmony and Frequency

A harmonious environment vastly helps with raising overall vibrational frequency. Does your home environment generate peace and harmony? Here are a few questions to ask about your home: 
  • "How is the harmony in my home?"
  • "How do I feel when I walk into my home?" 

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November 29, 2015


Posted in Healthy Lifestyle, High Frequency, Joy

I Am Enough


Watching several people in my life enter actively into a dance with attachment/addiction response inspired a dive into the belly of why "I" is not enough. Wise men throughout history said it, "Happiness lies within you."

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The Impact of a Healthy Body

We can easily detect, see, or feel the signs of imbalance in our body. While we often hear about the importance of health for preserving the body, it is uncommon to also consider how an unhealthy body can negatively impact one's mind and soul.

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Improving Your Physical Well Being

How the body works and how it's sustained. Overall physical health requires a multi-layered approach to achieve full flowering, joy, and maximum well being.

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Raising Frequency Through Yoga!

A physical discipline that works on body, mind, and soul at the same time! Bringing your physical body into proper alignment and posture with a few simple key movements allows the mind to become balanced, peaceful, and properly centered.

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Five Tips to Improve your Emotional Health

Here is a list of FANTASTIC tips to improve your emotional health, raise your frequency and fill your life with positivity! 

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