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Relationships: How Consciousness and Vibrational Frequency Serve Intimacy

My husband and I recently celebrated our First Anniversary. A few weeks ago, we went through our interview for my husband's Green Card process. I must admit that I felt extremely nervous and at the same time, it started a beautiful reflection about relationships and how they interface with consciousness, with choice, with vibrational frequency.

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November 29, 2015


Posted in Healthy Lifestyle, High Frequency, Joy

I Am Enough


Watching several people in my life enter actively into a dance with attachment/addiction response inspired a dive into the belly of why "I" is not enough. Wise men throughout history said it, "Happiness lies within you."

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6 Signs High Frequency Is At Work In Your Life

What is your Frequency quotient? Are you living in High Frequency most of time, sometimes, or rarely? Over the years, I’ve learned that the more often you live in High Frequency, the more often positive things happen.

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