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Climbing Up After Being Knocked Down

I know this might seem lofty when laying on your back simply trying to manage crushing pain whether mental, emotional, or physical. [...]. Stay with me. I will ground back down in practical ways to move forward.

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Recovering A Shattered Self-Worth: Frequency Is Your Friend

At some point in all of our lives, we face the inescapable shattered self-worth. I now see this shattered state as a rite of passage that

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November 29, 2017


Posted in family, High Frequency, Holidays, Positivity, Stress

How High Frequency Helps us Thrive During The Holidays

How often do we associate stress with the Holidays? About having to spend time around family? About the heavy work load that accompanies a large holiday meal?

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The Circle of High Frequency and Positivity

While living in India, I attended a public lecture from a then-considered spiritual leader. He asked the audience what was the most difficult spiritual practice (sadhana, for those reading this who know the Sanskrit term). The responses to his question

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