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January 30, 2018


Posted in High Frequency, Relationships, Trust

Trust as a High Frequency Affair

Think about it, we, at our very foundation, are asked to trust that we are Infinite Divine Beings having a human expression.

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Relationships: How Consciousness and Vibrational Frequency Serve Intimacy

My husband and I recently celebrated our First Anniversary. A few weeks ago, we went through our interview for my husband's Green Card process. I must admit that I felt extremely nervous and at the same time, it started a beautiful reflection about relationships and how they interface with consciousness, with choice, with vibrational frequency.

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Subconscious Rumblings and Relationship Theory at Play!

Subconscious Rumblings:

One of the most fascinating things about Relationship Theory is that two people come together with each partner representing an amalgamation of the other's primary caregiver's worst traits in order for the two to begin a healing journey together... Isn't that simply a perfect set up?

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