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August 16, 2015


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Stress: Friend or Foe?

This month I decided to observe stress because I’ve noticed it creeping into my life on an almost daily basis whenever I go down to our parking garage. AND, frankly, why not? Every deep, dark corner within me is coming to light these days - so why not stress, too?!

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Living With an Eye on Health

Healthy Lifestyle

I have come to realize that my understanding of health has radically shifted recently! This inspired me to muse over the words "health" and "healthy lifestyle." What do these concepts really mean? Are they stated in terms of absence, as in "an absence of illness" OR are they positively stated, as in "optimal biological, emotional, and mental functioning?"

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June 05, 2015


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Five Tips to Better Your Body Health!

Maintaining your physical health can be challenging, we all struggle to stay on track and take care of ourselves. We've put together a list of simple tips to keep you on track to maintaining your body's health.

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Rethinking Metabolism and Diet

I wanted to share my thoughts about how I am rethinking dietary concerns and metabolism. For the last couple of years I have played around with the Paleo diet and the very low carb diet focusing on fat and burning fat for fuel.

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Subconscious Rumblings and Relationship Theory at Play!

Subconscious Rumblings:

One of the most fascinating things about Relationship Theory is that two people come together with each partner representing an amalgamation of the other's primary caregiver's worst traits in order for the two to begin a healing journey together... Isn't that simply a perfect set up?

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Frustration to Contentment in 90 Seconds!

Applying the 90 second rule to irritation and frustration!!

Some of you might remember when I've talked about in the past how they have tested in the laboratory that a pure emotion lasts only 90 seconds if we actually allow it to be experienced fully without judging it or trying to stop it… Sound familiar?

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May 19, 2015


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Contraction and Expansion…How to Stay in the Flow of Life!

When contraction stops working...

One of the tools that I used in the past as a management tool, a strategic tool for feeling safe, managing uncomfortable situations, was contraction. I could pull myself back all around myself and create a little safe environment that gave me a sense of power, sense of strength sense of safety.

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