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August 29, 2017


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High Frequency Soothes the Chaos in Change

Think of the many time periods in life where we feel frustrated and stuck. Nothing seems to move forward and the flow of life appears to grind to a halt. Grrrgh...

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The Circle of High Frequency and Positivity

While living in India, I attended a public lecture from a then-considered spiritual leader. He asked the audience what was the most difficult spiritual practice (sadhana, for those reading this who know the Sanskrit term). The responses to his question

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How to Connect to Your Light Team

Does it take years of learning and meditation to start to connect with your Light Team? Actually, it only requires seconds! I created a guide with a simple, easy process to connect and feel that love.

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Frequency, The Perfect Balm

Frequency, The Perfect Balm image

We all continue to grow and expand with each passing year. Sometimes we need a thorough emotional spring cleaning to clear out those thoughts and beliefs that served us before and might no longer be working in our behalf.

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High Frequency Generates Resilience

Frequency and Resilience

I was reading a comment about health the other day and it inspired a month long reflection about adaptability and resilience. The commentator mostly focused on metabolic health — the physical layer of our human expression self-structure. He wrote:

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Recovering and Thriving From a Night of Lost Sleep

Sometimes even the thought of recovering from a night with no or poor sleep seems stressful. And, in combination with the daylight savings change in March which in effect translates into: spring forward - lose an hour, the prospect of thriving seems far from possible.
But wait...

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Feeling Stuck?!?! High Frequency Inspires Living In Wonder

Recently I have been reflecting on what causes people to feel "stuck". I see "stuckness" occur most often in three categories: health, work, relationships and at times life itself feels "stuck". If you are familiar with Human Design types, I see this condition most often with generators and manifesting generators.

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