Consciousness Raising with Vibrational Frequency

Consciousness is the state of being aware. That state can refer to external circumstances, physically, mentally or spiritually. For the context of this site, we are referring to consciousness as it relates to awareness of the self in its entirety. Awareness remains uni-directional as it can only increase. This is a good thing as the progress we make for our journey to understand ourselves can never be lost.

How Consciousness Raises

Consciousness raises from the choices we make. As we choose and take action in alignment with our true self, our consciousness expands. The challenge many face lies in understanding which choices align with our true self - different for each individual. This confusion sometimes results in making choices that do not serve us best which can slow down progress of consciousness expansion.

How Vibrational Frequency Influences Consciousness Raising

Vibrational frequency is the state of resonation of an individual during a particular moment. An individual's vibrational frequency fluctuates from influences of both internal and external factors making it bi-directional. Some of those factors include:

  • Environment
  • Food
  • People
  • Life circumstance
  • Our perceptions of the above

When vibrational frequency raises, it enables awareness resonating with that vibrational level. The same remains true when it is lowered. The importance of raising vibrational frequency lies in its ability to provide higher awareness (present for the duration the state is maintained) which can help an individual make a life choice aligned with their true self. Once that aligned choice is made, this triggers consciousness expansion making the awareness growth permanent. One way to raise vibrational frequency lies through the exposure to Frequency Fusion.

What is Frequency Fusion

Frequency Fusion is the practice in which Lisa Ferraro facilitates raising the vibrational frequency of others by transmission through audio. By simply listening to the transmission either live, or on-demand through a recording, an individual's vibrational frequency raises. The listener then benefits from this influence in two ways:

General Clearing - occurring at the beginning of the session where Lisa facilitates vibrational frequency to clear the overall energy of the listener. This happens simply by listening.

Specific Focus - further along in the transmission, Lisa provides instructions for the listener to choose an intention directing how the received vibrational frequency will be applied for them. Some examples of life intentions include:

  • Relationships, a particular person (family, friends, spouse, children, boss)
  • Career (business success, learning opportunities)
  • Emotional (stress, anger, fear, depression)
  • Personal Development (thoughts, choices)

How to Benefit from Frequency Fusion

Exposure to frequency fusion happens best with repeated exposure. This is why we include an on-demand offering which enables listeners to leverage consistent positivity on their behalf. We would recommend once a day if possible where you incorporate it into your routine. Some real life examples of how people build this habit include:

  • During their morning exercises when they wake-up
  • While someone is washing dishes or completing a chore
  • Before you go to sleep

How Specific Intentions Work and Changing Intentions

When you pick a specific intention, that intention remains connected to the specific frequency fusion episode you are listening to even with future listens. If you wish to change your intention, it remains best to pick another frequency fusion session. This is why we provide new sessions once per month. 

What Results to Expect from Frequency Fusion

While each individual is different including their focus on life circumstances, there are some common things people experience with Frequency Fusion - some immediate and some over time. These common experiences include:

  • Head may feel clearer, lighter
  • Expectations may shift in how you see your life
  • People's actions and behavior may be perceived differently
  • Awareness increase for areas in life that do not serve you may be highlighted
  • Thoughts and choices may change as you interpret the world

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