How Lisa Ferraro Raises Your Vibrational Frequency

Lisa Ferraro maintains a high frequency accrued from living a disciplined lifestyle (learn more about Lisa here) where you benefit simply by being exposed to her frequency. By directing her high frequency energy through audio she positively impacts yours even over great distances. She begins by directing her high frequency to raising your overall vibratory rate which creates a general clearing of the body. 

Following this, her intent shifts to a more focused effort that you can receive and direct to areas specific to you by your thoughts. This results in a personalized experience for you where that high frequency remains focused on the area(s) relevant to you. These area(s) do not necessarily need to be physical as even facets of life with mental or emotional sources can be influenced.

There are two ways you can access this positive energy:

1) Frequency Raising Recordings through a Gold Membership ($15 per month, no commitment)

2) Private sessions where Frequency is part of a complete coaching package ($150 per 30 min)

Sustainable change in your life demands consistent and habitual effort.

For this reason, we recommend you consider monthly Frequency Fusions first as this offering facilitates an affordable way to include consistent exposure to this high frequency with the flexibility to accommodate your lifestyle. If a particular life situation or circumstance would benefit from direct guidance originating from an objective and caring individual, then a private session may be a more suitable answer for you.

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