How to Raise your Vibrational Frequency

Your conscious AND unconscious choices affect your frequency. By making deliberate choices in how you make conscious decisions and form unconscious habits, you influence the path of your life through frequency. Some areas that impact your frequency and provide you an opportunity to raise it:

  • Environment, such as where you work and where you live. Some factors affecting environment include:
    • Organization of your space
    • Pleasantness of your surroundings
  • Self-care, such as what you eat and how you move. Some factors affecting self-care include:
    • Pleasantness and health of your diet
    • Method and how often you move your body
  • People, such as friends and work colleagues. Some factors affecting people include:
    • Who you spend your time with
    • How the decisions of others impact you

Ask yourself: Do I make a conscious choice to raise my frequency each day?

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