Privacy Policy - Self Synthesize!®

Self Synthesize! Privacy Policy uses the information you choose to share with the intent to communicate with you in a considerate way. Your information is used for internal use only. We never sell your information to anyone. More specifically, here is how we use your information:

Your Email Address:

We use your email address as the primary form of communication with you. This includes messaging as it relates to:

Your Name:

We use your first name when sending emails to you as a form of politeness when communicating.

Your Address:

We keep your address on file for when repeat purchases are made out of convenience. We also use this information to gather insight into the regions best served by the content and services we offer.

Your Credit Card Information:

This information is only stored if you subscribe to a monthly or yearly membership with an official merchant services provider - we use Stripe. They have the appropriate facilities that use 128-bit encryption (similar to the information security used by banks) to keep your information secure. We are unable to see your credit card information.

We hope you have found the above explanations both easy to understand and reassuring that we value and protect your information at all costs. For any questions, please click here to reach us.