Vibrational Frequency Interviews: Passion for People

Welcome to Vibrational Frequency Interviews! Our journey to learn more about raising our consciousness through vibrational frequency propels us into new learning. Along the way, we interview some amazing people as we discuss various topics that help us understand more about the choices we make around us. Here are some of the topics we have covered so far (find more at our Youtube channel):

Biodynamic Farming

Structured Water

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine with Maile Shea

Join us for our first radio show! During the show, Lisa Ferraro (formerly Lisa Jaya Waters) will share her wealth of knowledge on all things in frontier thought.  We're also excited to have Maile Shea join us on this month's show. Maile is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner whose knowledge holistic medicine helps expand her ability to heal her patients!

Structured Water with Milan Bender

This month's show we're going to interview Milan from Rain Fresh Water, to explore the fun scientific aspects of the power of Structured Water!

Milan Bender is the son of Joseph Bender a well-respected water expert and self-proclaimed "mad scientist" for over 40 years. Joseph was the founder of Rain Fresh Water, along with his wife Cindy, back in 1984.

He also founded the institute for Advanced Water Sciences. Milan draws on the years of research started by his father and has now grasped the passion for his own water research.

Milan is currently employed by Rain Fresh Water as the purification technician and technologies specialist.

His skill set includes commercial and residential filtration sizing, installation and maintenance. As well as rain water harvesting practices, Permaculture, and experimental water sciences and research.

Join us and learn how structured water affects consciousness!

Biodynamic Farming with Steve Orth

This month we are diving into organic and biodynamic farming! What it is, why it's different, and why you want it! We will be interviewing Steve Orth from Eden Creek Farm.

Steve has over 20 years of Professional work experience, ranging from entrepreneurial ventures, where he owned and operated his own business, to sales positions for successful companies. He started up and ran an Art and Collectibles business for over 12 years in Dallas.

Subsequent to that, Steve was Salesman of the Year for 2 consecutive years, working for Patio Scapes, a private residence and commercial organic landscaping company. Over the past 10 years, Steve has started and is running an Non-Profit Organic/Biodynamic Farm, supplying many of the finer restaurants in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area with organic vegetables and Heritage meats.

The mission of Eden Creek Farm Non-Profit is to provide online and onsite scientific and educational materials and support to the community and general public, relating to agriculture, animal husbandry and renewable energy.

This proves to be a fantastic show filled to the brim with information!