What are the Impacts of High Vibrational Frequency

The impacts of high vibrational frequency affect what information and signals you resonate with at any time. While research varies on the exact ranges, generally we find information suggesting that one thinks anywhere from 2000 to 3500 thoughts per hour. People may find this hard to believe since they don't necessarily perceive how that's possible or remain capable to recognize anywhere close to that many thoughts. This would suggest that a filter exists. Have you ever noticed when you hear something related to what you are doing, it can immediately grab your attention? Have you ever noticed not hearing things in the background when this is not the case? Does that mean the information did not exist - no. It does mean that the information did not have your conscious attention as it did not resonate with you at that moment. This is how Frequency works. When understanding how this practically applies, consider these three areas:

  • Emotions
  • Thoughts
  • Perceptions / Interpretations

Emotions of High Vibrational Frequency

A high vibrational frequency will resonate with emotions such as joy, clarity, peace, abundance, excitement, etc. While we often feel an emotion in response to something occurring, emotions act as an indicator to us of our own vibrational frequency at that moment.

Consider this example. A spouse comes home from a hard day at work to find a warm meal prepared for them by their significant other. At this moment, the spouse can choose to focus on the benevolence of the gesture or the toll of the hard day with each choice corresponding to both a frequency level and followed by an emotional response. Both choices are both completely valid and justified with a focus on the benevolence of the moment representing a high vibrational frequency and a consequence of a sense of joy for good food.

Thoughts of High Vibrational Frequency

A high vibrational frequency allows you conscious access to these thoughts which resonate with high vibrational emotions we prefer (joy, clarity, abundance, traniquility, etc). These thoughts help us to make choices that serve to resonate with those emotions and affect our perceptions and interpretations of what we experience.

Perceptions / Interpretations

From high vibrational frequency and thoughts we perceive our surroundings differently. Simple things like perceiving someone of ignorance versus perceiving someone in need of knowledge can be a big difference. This one assessment can lead to a choice to confront / avoid versus support / understand. While both perceptions based on the same information are valid, the choice to adopt one perception over the other leads to different choices and at times, different results.

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