Personalized Lifetime Frequency

Lisa creates this recording for you to use for the rest of your life.

Option 1 - Comprehensive Personal Frequency Recording
Lisa includes All these Frequencies that support you throughout your entire lifetime:
Frequency for your health and wellness;
Frequency for your financial abundance;
Frequency for joy in life;
Frequency for successful relationships;
Frequency for satisfaction and success in your work;
Overall Frequency Raising.

 Option 2 - Tailored Personal Frequency Recording:
You can ask for your Recording to be on a Specific Subject or Life Situation.
This will still include a brief General Frequency Raising; plus your own issue, covered much more extensively than in Option 1.

Wherever your frequency starting point, each time you listen, your frequency will raise higher. This recording will never be outdated! The Frequencies will remain fresh. Each time you listen will be like the first time in its effect on you.

(delivery time: within a week)

Type: Service

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