Self Synthesize! Gold Membership (monthly)

Important: We realize that the benefits of vibrational frequency require consistent exposure. This is why we offer on-demand access so you can listen on a regular basis. Even when playing vibrational frequency in the background, you still gain its benefits. Our intent is to help as many as possible. Our efforts to realize that come from making this as affordable and accessible as we can.

Are you ready to raise your frequency? Are you ready for a more empowered life? Then choosing the gold membership option is for you! We support your growth in the following ways:

  • Monthly General Frequency Raising Recording -  Listen or download;
  • Monthly Specific Frequency Recording -  Listen or download, with past month's available too);
  • One-on-one sessions with Lisa automatically discounted ($20 off) for our Gold Members requiring more personalized assistance in overcoming their obstacles;
  • Access to members-only events and early product releases;
  • Early access to register for upcoming events. 

For an even greater value, choose the Gold Membership (yearly) option and save 20%!

Type: Membership

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